This Is How to Avoid the Flu While Flying

By AP. Worried about catching a cold or the flu on an airplane? Get a window seat, and don’t leave it until the flight is over.

That’s what some experts have been saying for years, and it’s perhaps the best advice coming out of a new attempt to determine the risks of catching germs on an airplane.

It turns out there’s been little research on the risks of catching a cold or flu during air travel. Some experts believed that sitting in a window seat would keep a passenger away from infectious people who may be on the aisle or moving around. (Read more from “This Is How to Avoid the Flu While Flying” HERE)


How to Avoid the Flu While Flying

By ABC News. 1. Wipe down communal surfaces such as tray tables and armrests

Dr. Nicholas Testa said that you should be wary of the communal hard surfaces on airplanes, such as tray tables or armrests. . .

2. Turn on your air vent . . .

3. Let other passengers board first

It is not just aboard airplanes that travelers should be cautious of flu germs. Thousands of passengers also pass through major airports across the country every day, standing close together in tightly packed lines. (Read more from “How to Avoid the Flu While Flying” HERE)

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