Catholic College Won’t Defend Student Threatened With Gay Rape for Defending Marriage

Catholic college students are threatening, harassing, and targeting a Resident Advisor (RA), including with a cartoon depicting him being anally raped, for posting a bulletin board affirming Catholic teaching on marriage . . .

Providence College, where this is taking place, is run by the Dominican order’s Province of St. Joseph – well-known in most places for its orthodoxy. However, in response to repeated vandalism of the bulletin board and other student employees threateningly congregating outside the Catholic RA’s door – requiring campus security to move Smalanskas to a safe, undisclosed location – the college’s president, a Dominican priest, said “it belongs to a Catholic college to consider the views of those who disagree with the Church’s teaching.”

Another administrator, Vice President of Student Affairs Kristine Goodwin, sent an email to student leaders on March 14 encouraging them to attend a protest “against homophobia and transphobia,” quoting Pope Francis’ now-infamous claim that the Church should apologize to gays, and quoting Father Timothy Radcliffe, a Dominican priest who has suggested sodomy can be “eucharistic.”

Smalanskas is a 22-year-old senior and former seminarian from Holden, Massachusetts. He’s double majoring in philosophy and theology.

What is the “offense” Smalanskas committed that infuriated his fellow students so much they’ve called for him to be fired and raped? He posted a bulletin board articulating what the Catholic Church teaches about “Marriage: The Way God Intended It.” (Read more from “Catholic College Won’t Defend Student Threatened With Gay Rape for Defending Marriage” HERE)

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