Our Government Shut Down on March 5

President Trump promised to fully end Obama’s most unlawful act on March 5 and stop granting benefits to people who are not entitled to be in this country. Yet thanks to a political system that has crowned district judges the kings of our society, the very underpinnings of the self-governing nation established in the Declaration of Independence have now been abandoned. We have district judges who can unilaterally make denizens of aliens – the power of a king, according to Alexander Hamilton in Federalist #69. The sovereignty of the American people has been stolen by unelected judges not “deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.”

Justice Robert Jackson, the great champion of due process and the dissenter in the Korematsu case, said that “due process does not invest any alien with a right to enter the United States, nor confer on those admitted the right to remain against the national will” (Shaughnessy v. Mezei, 1953).

This conclusion reigned supreme in our body politic and the court system from the founding of our country. Even during the darker days of the Warren-era Supreme Court, when the courts were completely taking over abortion, social issues, and major political decisions from the elected branches of government, there was a universal understanding that only the people, not the courts, can determine who gets to come into the country and who stays. Even as they were concocting one BS right after another for Americans, they all understood the concept of national sovereignty – that courts cannot create rights for aliens to immigrate or remain in the country against the national will. This is reflected in an uninterrupted stream of caselaw that has been regarded as the most settled area of law.

Yet here we are, on March 5, when the president promised to terminate Obama’s illegal amnesty, and the citizenry of this country is now forced against our will to accept foreign nationals into our society. Consider the following:

Money for illegal alien Obamacare, but not for the wall: Remember when Obama promised during a speech before Congress that illegal aliens would not benefit from Obamacare, and Rep. Joe Wilson shouted out, “You lie!”? Well, it turns out they receive roughly $18.5 billion a year in benefits, $11.2 billion at a federal level from Medicaid and Obamacare exchange subsidies. According to Chris Conover, most of the benefits come from federal payments to hospitals for uncompensated care and to community health care centers. In the budget bill that recently passed Congress, legislators refused to block funding for illegals while expanding these programs. Republicans could easily fund the border wall by cutting several years’ worth of benefits for illegal aliens, but nobody is willing to speak up for the taxpayer.

Illegal aliens are stealing our birthright, the right to vote: A new government-issued photo identification card will be granted to illegal aliens by the city of Chicago, and the state board of elections will allow counties to use it as a form of ID for voter legislation. The State Board of Elections officials claim they are not worried about voter fraud, because registrants must still check a box attesting to their citizenship. Yes, an honor system … after issuing them valid ID cards and with no requirement to show a birth certificate! This is a problem in almost every state with legal immigrants, let alone illegal. In Pennsylvania, there is now a lawsuit stemming from a report that as many as 100,000 non-citizens are registered to vote in the Keystone State. But it’s particularly problematic in sanctuary cities that insist upon giving illegal aliens driver’s licenses.

Illegal aliens benefiting from tax season: Thanks to judicial amnesty, 11,360 illegal aliens have been able to file renewals for amnesty, even after Trump ended the program, according to new numbers from the USCIS. There are now roughly 682,750 still enrolled in the program from before Trump’s moratorium, 13 months after Trump took office. Elections don’t matter, at least not for illegal benefits for illegal aliens. Also, remember that at this time of the year, a lot of Americans are getting back refunds from the federal government. Illegal aliens are disproportionately a low-income population, and all of the DACA recipients are receiving refundable tax credits, even when they pay no taxes.

Even red states being forced to issue driver’s licenses to illegals: Given that courts are now treating amnesty, not statutes, as the law of the land, states like Arizona are being forced to issue driver’s licenses to illegal aliens. Oh, and at the same time, the courts have prevented Arizona from asking for proof of citizenship to ensure that motor-voter laws don’t allow illegals to seamlessly use their driver’s licenses to register for the franchise. Arizona is once again asking the Supreme Court to stay the lower court decisions on these issues. Don’t hold your breath waiting for SCOTUS to grant relief.

Identity theft of illegal aliens and how stolen sovereignty leads to stolen identity: An illegal alien has recently confessed to stealing the identity of an American for 37 years and securing $361,000 in government benefits. How did he secure federal benefits? Through a California driver’s license! This is why sanctuary cities is not a “state issue” and affects taxpayers in every state. Yet we refuse to fully clamp down on sanctuaries and mandate the seamless use of federal databases for driver’s licenses and employment to weed out identity fraud.

Isn’t it time for a new revolution built upon the timeless principle of the original one – that Americans should determine their own future? Shouldn’t the franchise be for citizens, and shouldn’t immigration only be consensual and never a liability for taxpayers?

There is a budget bill coming up later this month, and despite the GOP controlling all of government, we only hear of the Democrat demands being entertained in the bill, such as gun control and more amnesty. What about fixing voter ID and motor-voter laws? What about requiring proof of citizenship to vote? What about not counting illegals in the Census? What about defunding benefits for illegal aliens? What about clamping down on sanctuary cities? What about preventing illegals from unilaterally asserting jurisdiction with false identities or Mexican ID cards and stealing our birthright citizenship?

The only remaining question for the citizenry of this country is how much longer are we “disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable” and tolerate this “long train of abuses and usurpations.” (For more from the author of “Our Government Shut Down on March 5” please click HERE)

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