Hate Group Influencing Youtube? It’s Much Worse

By WND. The Daily Caller’s report that the domestic terror-linked Southern Poverty Law Center has been chosen to help YouTube police website content prompted a moment of stunned silence for many who have dealt with the organization . . .

But the influence of the far-left SPLC, which previously was linked to domestic terror in a Washington, D.C., case involving a man who confessed to trying to kill as many people as he could at the Christian Family Resource Council, is a lot more than that . . .

SPLC has a long history of bias against conservatives.

The Daily Caller report said while the “left-wing nonprofit” has come under fire lately for lashing out at legitimate conservative organizations as “hate groups,” it remains among the groups in YouTube’s “Trusted Flaggers” subprogram.

In that position, the organization that once applied its hate label to Dr. Ben Carson, famed neurosurgeon and now secretary of Housing and Urban Development, advises YouTube about “extremist content,” including “hate speech” and “terrorist recruiting videos,” the Daily Caller said. (Read more from “Hate Group Influencing Youtube? It’s Much Worse” HERE)


YouTube Secretly Using SPLC to Police Videos

By Peter Hasson. The Southern Poverty Law Center is assisting YouTube in policing content on their platform, The Daily Caller has learned.

The left-wing nonprofit — which has more recently come under fire for labeling legitimate conservative organizations as “hate groups” — is one of the more than 100 nongovernment organizations (NGOs) and government agencies in YouTube’s “Trusted Flaggers” program, a source with knowledge of the arrangement told TheDC.

The SPLC and other program members help police YouTube for extremist content, ranging from so-called hate speech to terrorist recruiting videos.

All of the groups in the program have confidentiality agreements, a spokesperson for Google, YouTube’s parent company, previously told TheDC. A handful of YouTube’s “Trusted Flaggers,” including the Anti-Defamation League and No Hate Speech — a European organization focused on combatting intolerance — have gone public with their participation in the program. The vast majority of the groups in the program have remained hidden behind their confidentiality agreements.

The SPLC’s close involvement in policing content on YouTube is likely to cause consternation among conservatives who worry that they may not be treated fairly. The left-wing group has consistently labeled pedestrian conservative organizations as “hate groups” and has been directly tied to violence against conservatives in the past. Floyd Lee Corkins, who opened fire at the Family Research Center in 2012, said he chose the FRC for his act of violence because the SPLC listed them as a “hate group.” (Read more from “YouTube Secretly Using SPLC to Police Videos” HERE)

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