Leftist Site Runs INSANE Piece Bashing Defenders of Free Speech

. . .In a bizarre piece lamenting a new coalition of “far-right” figures rallying around the right to freedom of expression, journalist James Poulter pouts: The “far-right” is “uniting to defend their right to spout bulls*** to whoever will listen.” . . .

Of course, even if these “far-right” figures, or anyone else for that matter, wanted to spread subjectively-deemed “racist garbage,” that, too, should be protected from government censorship and punishment if you actually believe in freedom of expression. A wild concept, I know.

Poulter goes on to identify Tommy Robinson, Martin Sellner, Brittany Pettibone, and Lauren Southern as the “far-right” subjects of his scorn. For their controversial speech, Sellner and Pettibone were deported from the U.K. and Southern was stopped from entering the country under the Terrorism Act. Robinson subsequently held a rally in celebration of free speech at Speakers’ Corner in Hyde Park.

After acknowledging these instances and the stream of censorship occurring on college campuses, Poulter mocks the notion that freedom of speech is under attack at all.

“All of these incidents, combined with the disruption of some talks at universities, have convinced the far-right that their right to free speech is under attack. Robinson even released a video claiming, in characteristically understated manner, that he ‘won’t be around for much longer,'” he writes. (Read more from “Leftist Site Runs INSANE Piece Bashing Defenders of Free Speech” HERE)

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