State Signs Nation’s Toughest Abortion Law

By NPR. In his State of the State Address in 2014, Gov. Phil Bryant announced a goal: “to end abortion in Mississippi.”

Bryant has now signed a law that makes his state the most difficult state in the country to get an abortion. It is called the Gestational Age Act, and it bans abortions after 15 weeks of gestation, except in the case of a medical emergency or a severe fetal abnormality. The law does not make exceptions in cases of rape or incest. The Mississippi House passed the measure on March 8, and Bryant signed it into law on Monday.

The Associated Press reports that Mississippi’s only clinic that does abortions has sued the state in response to the legislation. In 2012, that same clinic, The Jackson Women’s Health Organization, filed a lawsuit challenging a different bill Bryant signed into law. That bill enacted stricter requirements for abortion facilities, including a requirement that all physicians associated with an abortion facility have the right to admit patients to a local hospital. It was eventually blocked by a federal district court in 2013.

After signing this latest bill, Bryant wrote on Twitter, “I am committed to making Mississippi the safest place in America for an unborn child, and this bill will help us achieve that goal.”

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State Bans Abortion After 15 Weeks

By WND. Mississippi’s governor signed the most restrictive abortion law in the nation Monday, banning the procedure after 15 weeks while providing no exemptions for rape or incest.

Republican Gov. Phil Bryant said he wants his state to be the “safest place in America for an unborn child.”

Within hours of signing the bill the state’s sole abortion clinic filed a lawsuit.

The new measure does provide exemptions if the pregnant woman’s life or “major bodily function” is threatened, or if the unborn child could not survive outside the womb.

Prior to passage of the law, Mississippi was among 17 states that banned abortion after 20 weeks. (Read more from “State Bans Abortion After 15 Weeks” HERE)

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