Study Reveals Ridiculous ‘Cure’ for Work-Based Stress

By WND. . .That’s the conclusion of a new study released by Science Direct titled “Righting a wrong: Retaliation on a voodoo doll symbolizing an abusive supervisor restores justice.”

The abstract explains the premise that “when a subordinate receives abusive treatment from a supervisor, a natural response is to retaliate against the supervisor.”

It continues: “Although retaliation is dysfunctional and should be discouraged, we examine the potential functional role retaliation plays in terms of alleviating the negative consequences of abusive supervision on subordinate justice perceptions. Based on the notion that retaliation following mistreatment can restore justice for victims, we propose a model whereby retaliation following abusive supervision alleviates the negative effect of abusive supervision on subordinate justice perceptions. … We manipulated abusive supervision and subordinate symbolic retaliation – in particular, harming a voodoo doll that represents the abusive supervisor.”

The authors of the study say, “We found general support for our predictions.”

The Daily Telegraph of London reported a national assessment in the United Kingdom found “more than 12 million Britons are forced to take time off work each year because of stress and anxiety, often caused by pressure from overbearing or abusive managers.” (Read more from “Study Reveals Ridiculous ‘Cure’ for Work-Based Stress” HERE)


Study: A Voodoo Doll of the Boss Will Make Your Employees Happier

By Chicago Tribune. Health insurance? Paid time off? Bonuses? Retirement plans? These all seem like good employee benefits that matter, don’t they? But as it turns out another very inexpensive employee benefit may matter just as much: a voodoo doll of the boss.

Some 229 employees who participated in a recent study were asked to think of a workplace interaction that involved “abuse” from a supervisor or boss. As part of the study, some were then allowed to take out their job frustrations on a makeshift voodoo doll carrying their boss’s name by sticking pins, burning it with candles and pinching it with pliers. OK . . . now I’m starting to get a little nervous.

The theory is that people (i.e. employees) who feel wronged sometimes wish they could lash out at their abuser (i.e. their boss . . . now just hold on a minute!). The study wanted to prove that giving employees the opportunity to take this anger out on an inanimate object is therapeutic for them – and potentially less painful for employers like me. (Read more from “Study: A Voodoo Doll of the Boss Will Make Your Employees Happier” HERE)

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