Biblically Illiterate Pope Calls for Worldwide Ban of All Weapons

Today on Twitter, the head of the Roman Catholic Church called for a ban on all weapons. Pope Francis asserted that the mere presence of weapons makes us constantly live in fear of war.

Other Popes have acknowledged that weapons do indeed create a certain environment of fear. Church leaders have called for bans on certain types on weapons, such as nuclear weapons, but none have called for an outright ban on all weapons. The naiveté of this comment is pretty remarkable for several reasons. Surely, in an ideal world weapons would not be needed as humans would live in peace. But, the Pope’s comment, taken alone, neglects to recognize the spiritual warfare that rages in mankind’s hearts in the battle against the devil. It is ultimately mankind’s failure in this struggle that creates the bloodshed and destruction found in the world today. . .

Furthermore, how exactly would this ban be enforced? Would the United Nations oversee the destruction of all weapons with weapons of their own? Then would this world power be entrusted to willingly destroy their own weapons? Banning all weapons is such a preposterous suggestion it is not even worth going down the rabbit hole trying to figure out the logistics of it. (Read more from “Biblically Illiterate Pope Calls for Worldwide Ban of All Weapons” HERE)

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