Carter Charity Sued for Using Funds to Aide Terrorism

The nonprofit charity of former president Jimmy Carter has been sued for allegedly using taxpayer funds to provide material support to international terrorist groups in the Holy Land, in violation of federal law.

While the Trump administration has curbed funding to the Palestinian Authority for its support of terrorism, the Justice Department has filed to dismiss the lawsuit against the Carter Center, claiming it’s too expensive to prosecute, reported the Washington Free Beacon’s Adam Kredo.

The lawsuit by the Zionist Advocacy Center, which recently was unsealed, alleges that in 2015, the Carter Center received more than $30 million in taxpayer grants while hosting designated terrorists at is facilities and providing various forms of assistance to the Palestinian terror group Hamas and other known terror entities. . .

The government’s motion to dismiss acknowledges representatives of the Carter Center “have engaged in discussions and meetings with members of Hamas and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine.”

But it argues “the primary purposes of these activities were to facilitate dialog between the Palestinian factions and to urge Hamas to recognize Israel’s right to exist, forgo violence, and accept previous peace agreements.” (Read more from “Carter Charity Sued for Using Funds to Aide Terrorism” HERE)

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