People ‘Associated with’ Caravan Have Entered U.S. Illegally

By The L.A. Times. Some people associated with the Central American migrant caravan, which arrived in Tijuana this week, have crossed into the United States illegally in the last 24 hours, federal officials said Saturday.

A pregnant woman and some children as young as 4 were detected entering the U.S. through a canyon that authorities described in a statement as dark, treacherous and “notorious for human and drug smuggling.”

They were said to have climbed over a dilapidated scrap metal border fence on either side of the San Ysidro Port of Entry.

The statement was issued Saturday afternoon by U.S. Customs and Border Protection. (Read more from “People ‘Associated with’ Caravan Have Entered U.S. Illegally” HERE)


Migrants Who Traveled with Caravan Vow to Wait at Border Until They Are Granted Asylum

By CNN. After a difficult, monthlong journey from Central America to the US-Mexico border, dozens of asylum-seeking migrants are vowing to remain outside an immigration processing center until “every last one” is admitted into the country, an organizer with the caravan said late Sunday.

Earlier, the migrants marched from Friendship Park in Tijuana, Mexico to the San Ysidro port of entry. They stood on the Mexican side; on the other side lay San Diego, California. It was the final leg for some in the caravan of hundreds of migrants, which had reached Tijuana on Tuesday.

Alex Mensing, an organizer with Pueblo Sin Fronteras, which assembled the caravan, said 50 migrants were admitted to the immigration processing center on the Mexico side. He said the migrants’ decision to not return to a nearby shelter overnight was made in solidarity with the asylum seekers who are inside the facility. (Read more from “Migrants Who Traveled with Caravan Vow to Wait at Border Until They Are Granted Asylum” HERE)

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