Rob Lowe Gets It: Explains the Appeal of ‘Roseanne’ in One Tweet

Actor Rob Lowe — one of the only free-thinking individuals left in Hollywood — perfectly summed up the appeal of the hit show “Roseanne” in one concise tweet: It’s not that the show is pro-Trump, but that it showcases actual tolerance for differing political ideologies; something we don’t see a lot of in today’s political climate.

“The secret to [Roseanne] massive ratings is that it celebrates people with huge political differences who are able to laugh and love together as they passionately disagree,” wrote the actor.

The reboot captured over 18 million viewers on its debut night; hitting a grand total of 21.9 million when next-day DVR and video-on-demand viewers were counted, according to CNN Money.

Mark Hemingway of The Weekly Standard agreed with the rational take, adding that conservatives just want to be represented accurately, and not as unlovable backward hicks. “Exactly,” he wrote. “The issue isn’t that the show caters to conservatives. It just gives them a seat at the table rather than pretending half of America is backwards or doesn’t exist.”

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