Grandma Shoots Home Intruder, Leaves Him in Hospital

A 70-year-old grandmother took matters into her own hands Saturday, shooting an intruder who attempted to break into her Philadelphia home – and now the man is in the hospital.

Maxine Thompson awoke on May 5 around 4:30 a.m. to someone banging on her door and shattering glass, attempting to enter her home, she explained . . .

“First, I thought I was dreaming, and then, I looked out the window, outside. I was still hearing the banging, banging, banging, so I yelled to whoever, ‘Who’s that on my door? Get off my door; get off my door,’” Thompson told Philadelphia’s Fox 29 . . .

“I shot at him. He turned around and he ran; and when he ran, I ran down the steps behind him and shot at him some more,” she calmly explained. “‘Kill him before he kills me.’ That’s what was going through my mind.”

The intruder fled the scene and climbed to the top of a car wash in the neighborhood. Then he called police and reported that he’d been shot, according to investigators. The man was taken to Hahnemann University Hospital. (Read more from “Grandma Shoots Home Intruder, Leaves Him in Hospital” HERE)

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