Leftists Tweet out Pictures of Suffering Illegal Alien Children to Target Trump. There’s Only One Problem.

Over the weekend, the media narrative that the Trump administration is cruelly separating illegal immigrant parents from their children while in detention finally went viral. And that caused an enormous number of prominent Leftists to tweet out a bit of fake news: a story from 2014, during the Obama administration, regarding the holding of illegal immigrant children who had entered the United States en masse. The photos from that story were disseminated, ironically enough, by at least one member of the Obama administration:

As soon as many of these commentators realized that they had inadvertently smacked down President Obama’s administration, they deleted their tweets and corrected them:

There are really two issues. First, there’s the status of unaccompanied minors entering the United States. Those minors must be remanded to foster parents, shelters or sponsors within 20 days rather than held indefinitely in detention facilities. That settlement, according to FactCheck.org, was extended to accompanied children as well. Here’s FactCheck.org’s summary of the situation (they said Trump was lying, by the way):

They require the government to release children from custody after a certain period of detainment, said Sarah Pierce, a policy analyst at the Migration Policy Institute. But they don’t require that parents continue to be held in immigration detention. “The government absolutely has the option to release the parents,” as well, Pierce said. That’s as long as they aren’t a flight or safety risk, she added.

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