Music Superstar Warns About ‘Establishment Pharisees’

Country music superstar Charlie Daniels is comparing today’s political power structure in Washington to the Pharisees of biblical times . . .

In fact, he’s warning that average “rank-and-file” Americans soon will be facing “dangerous precedents” because of the establishment war against the president . . .

“All of a sudden, as unexpectedly as a July snow, a brash outsider, who minces no words, takes no prisoners and calls ’em like he sees ’em, status be damned, is elected to the highest office in the free world, releasing a swarm of flies into their ointment, disrespecting their traditions, and calling not only theirs, but the media’s bluff, without fear of retaliation,” he wrote.

“Whether you hate Trump or love him, if you will be truthful and look behind the curtain and the impotent protestations of ambitious whiners like Adam Schiff, who is like a cloud which continuously promises but never delivers rain, you’ll find that the old guard and the globalists consider this man to be public enemy number one and will stop at nothing to deemphasize or destroy his presidency, the wellbeing of the United States of America be damned.”

The worst part from the “entrenched bureaucracy, the multi-term senator and congressman, the power brokers and pressure groups that can coerce the powers that be into paying for nine hundred-dollar hammers and building bridges to nowhere,” however, is the “dangerous precedents for rank and file America.” (Read more from “Music Superstar Warns About ‘Establishment Pharisees'” HERE)

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