Watch: SWAT Team’s Vegas Shooting Body Cam Footage Finally Released

. . .It took a nine-month legal battle that went all the way to the Nevada Supreme Court, but Americans are getting their first looks at what actually happened the night of the Las Vegas massacre last October . . .

Videos taken from body cams worn by Las Vegas police responding to the Oct. 1 mass shooting, released Wednesday thanks to a lawsuit by several media organizations, illustrate just how confused the law enforcement response really was.

One segment, taken by a K-9 officer shortly after police entered the room where gunman Stephen Paddock lay dead, shows officers encountering the kind of preparations Paddock made before the killing.

“He has an intricate camera system set up, out to this,” the officer wearing the camera tells the others. “So he knew when officers were coming down the hallway.” . . .

For one thing, the first officer into Paddock’s room did not have his body cam activated. That could be a normal mistake by an individual in a stressful situation, or it could be something else. The bottom line is the public will never have a view of what happened in the first few seconds after officers entered the suite on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino. (Read more from “Watch: Swat Team’s Vegas Shooting Body Cam Footage Finally Released” HERE)

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