James Woods Celebrates Trump’s Economy With Hilarious Anti-Obama Meme

The unemployment level may be at an 18-year low, but it’s not exactly like the Democrats are giving the president or Republican-controlled Congress any credit for it. If anything, they’re downplaying it. . .

So, what did conservative actor and Twitter legend James Woods do? Well, first he attacked Pelosi and the Democrats, who he said were following a “strategy … based on welfare, illegal immigration, and taxing those who work and create.”

And then, he reminded Twitter users about what the past administration said about jobs — with a not-safe-for-work meme.

[Warning: explicit language used in tweet image.]

Woods was referring to remarks Obama made during a town hall-style meeting during the 2016 campaign in Elkhart, Indiana.

During the meeting, one worker said, in reference to the Carrier plant job losses, that Obama was “doing a lot of things, but in Indianapolis, there’s nothing there for us.” (Read more from “James Woods Celebrates Trump’s Economy With Hilarious Anti-Obama Meme” HERE)

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