Women’s March Demand: You Must Risk Arrest

By The Daily Caller. The Women’s March will host a massive civil disobedience in the District of Columbia area on Thursday to resist President Donald Trump’s zero tolerance immigration policies.

Over 1,000 women are expected to put their lives on the line to “end family detention” and “call on Congress to abolish ICE” at 10 a.m., according to the End Family Detention website. Participants will receive direct action training and legal support prior to protesting.

Attendees are required to sign a form where they must agree that in order to act in civil disobedience, they “must risk arrest.” (Read more from “Women’s March Demand: You Must Risk Arrest” HERE)


‘Where Are the Children?’ Women March on Washington in Act of ‘Civil Disobedience’ to Protest Family Separations

By USA Today. Thousands of women marched through Washington, D.C., on Thursday afternoon and occupied a Senate office building in a “mass civil disobedience” act to protest the Trump administration’s immigration policy.

According to the United States Capitol Police, approximately 575 protesters were charged with “unlawfully demonstrating.” Police said they were being processed on the scene and then released.

Protesters were demonstrating against the “zero tolerance” policy, which has caused more than 2,000 migrant children to be separated from their parents after crossing the border, has sparked public outcry. A major protest is planned for Saturday in Washington, D.C., with sister rallies across the country.

“We’re here to show solidarity with all the mothers who have been separated from their children, and this is because we want to make sure families are reunited,” said Luba Cortes, an immigrant defense coordinator with Make The Road NY. “ICE is a rogue agency, and we don’t want it to continue this way, so we also want to abolish ICE.” (Read more from “‘Where Are the Children?’ Women March on Washington in Act of ‘Civil Disobedience’ to Protest Family Separations” HERE)

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