Uh-Oh: Here’s How Many People Say They’re Extremely Proud of Being American

According to Gallup, which has asked the question of Americans since 2003, the number of Americans who are “extremely proud” or “proud” of being American has hit a record low.

The poll says that 47 percent of people are “extremely proud” of being American. Another 25 percent say they are “very proud” of being American. . .

The decline is due at least in part to many Democrats changing their opinion about their pride in being American. Last year, 43 percent of Democrats said they were “extremely proud” of being American, but that percentage dropped by 11 points to 32 percent this year. . .

Whether Democrats’ recent dip in pride has something to do with President Donald Trump, it isn’t hurting his personal approval rating. A different Gallup poll shows that 45 percent of the public approves of the president, tying for the highest percentage of his term thus far.

Another poll showed that more than two thirds of Americans found the policy of family separation at the border “unacceptable.” Trump ended the policy soon after the poll was published. (Read more from “Here’s How Many People Say They’re Extremely Proud of Being American” HERE)

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