I Voted for Joe Miller, and I Support Mike Dunleavy

I am a retired state trooper and chief of police in the state of Alaska. I’ve been a resident for about 48 years. Before that, I was a United States Marine and served 2 tours of duty in Vietnam. I have worked many years in rural Alaska in law enforcement, from Barrow to Wrangell and Petersburg, as well as Fairbanks and Anchorage. I’ve been in private sector security, heading operations for several of the largest private security firms in the state, guarding military bases and oil fields. I love my country and I love my state. I support conservative platforms and conservative candidates.

During Joe Miller’s run for Senator, on both occasions, I was a strong supporter. This was because, from my point of view, Alaska needs to elect conservatives to political positions in our state government. We are fighting a battle with the far left, but also with the establishment in our own party. Both groups want to take our dividend and both groups believe Alaskans work for them, and not the other way around.

On August 21st, our Republican primary will be held. It is my hope, that we will select a real conservative as our candidate for governor for the state of Alaska. One who actually believes in the conservative principles they espouse, and one who will stand up, for Alaskans.

Currently, there are two main candidates in our primary; former Lt Gov Mead Treadwell and former state Senator Mike Dunleavy. I have nothing to say against Mr Treadwell personally, and from everything I’ve heard and read, on a personal level, he’s a fine man. My worry is that I don’t believe he is a true conservative, or that he can stand up for Alaskans against the influence of special interest and party elites. Quite simply, I think he goes along to get along, and that is not what we need.

Here are a few, significant illustrations:

• He’s a longtime supporter of our senior senator Lisa Murkowski, who does not in any way, hold a pro life position.

• Mead himself, was not endorsed by Alaska Right to Life in his previous race for senate (in which he came in a distant third behind Joe Miller).

• Mead supported Murkowski, over the duly elected Republican candidate in 2010 primary, Joe Miller, joining with Democrats to elect her as a write in candidate.

The fact he would support Murkowski, who did not win the primary, and who lied (having said she would support the nominee) says alot about his political leanings. Joe Miller had run and won the Republican primary fair and square, and Mead abandoned him, and the principles of the primary voters who elected him. This was one of the darkest times for Alaskan conservatives…and Mead was at the center of it, having chosen the political class again, over the will of the conservative voters he purports to represent.

Mead touts his experience, having served as lieutenant governor under Governor Sean Parnell, and yet Governor Parnell has endorsed Senator Dunleavy. I think that speaks volumes as well.

As Lt Gov he made one of the most fateful decisions, in Alaska’s history, by approving the unity ticket of Walker/Mallot, against the disapproval of his own party and a subsequent lawsuit to try and stop it, giving us the past four years of the current administration. In a very real sense, Mead gave Alaska the current administration. This alone should give conservatives pause.

Mead also talks about his private sector experience, citing his work with Alice Roghoff, the former far left owner of the ADN. In the minds of most Republican primary voters I would say this is not something to be particularly proud of.

On the other hand, Mike Dunleavy is a real conservative. He’s spent close to 35 years in Alaska, a lot of that time in rural Alaska as a teacher. When he entered politics, he lead by example and stood with Alaskans over the political class, choosing principle, even in the face of bitter political retribution. He’s proven his fidelity to Conservative ideals and to Alaskans, with the principled stands he has made as a state senator… and he has paid for those stands every time.

On the positions, Mike is adamantly opposed to the unilateral Takeaway of half the PFD of all Alaskan’s by the current governor and could not support the bloated budget of the legislature. Again, he stood for his principles and was punished severely by others in the party for doing so.

Mike voted against SB 91 and has made Law Enforcement, public safety, and the protection of individual Alaskans his number one priority.

On the fiscal side, Mike has put forth a plan to balance the budget of the state of Alaska, without imposing an onerous income tax or taking away half of every Alaska permanent fund dividend check.

For all of these reasons, I’m standing with Mike, but most importantly, I’m standing with him, because he stands with us. Let’s elect a true conservative this August’s primary, and In the general gubernatorial election in November. Let’s elect Mike Dunleavy.

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