Man Gives Pathetic Excuse for Stealing Teens MAGA Hat, Throwing Drink in His Face

Unless you believe that political outrage justifies any kind of violence, you probably aren’t the biggest fan of Kino Jimenez right now. He’s the 30-year-old accused of stealing a 16-year-old’s MAGA cap and throwing a drink in his face at a San Antonio Whataburger earlier this week.

Now, of course, there could be plenty of qualifications behind Jimenez’s alleged act. Maybe they have the wrong guy. Or maybe, as a single witness attested to, the incident was brought about because the 16-year-old and his friends were engaging in racist banter. (This report has led to several media outlets backpedaling and nobody seems to be able to corroborate the witness’ story as of Saturday morning, mind you, but it’s out there.)

Well, as it turns out, neither of those is the case — at least according to Jimenez, a man who desperately needs to be listening to his lawyer. On his way out of jail on Friday, Jimenez decided to deliver a de facto confession to KSAT-TV, saying he assaulted the teen because a MAGA hat is equivalent to Klan robes, as far as he’s concerned. . .

Okay, firstly: The right to remain silent doesn’t end once you get out of police custody, Kino. Apparently, your lapse in judgment didn’t just stop at Whataburger.

Secondly, a MAGA hat has the same effect as a Klan hood would have had? Really, now? You realize almost half the voters in the 2016 election voted for the person that hat represents. His approval ratings are also hovering in the neighborhood of 50 percent. (Read more from “Man Gives Pathetic Excuse for Stealing Teens MAGA Hat, Throwing Drink in His Face” HERE)

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