Police Are Fleeing This U.S. City in ‘Mass Exodus’ Over Liberal, Anti-Police Politics

Nearly four dozen police officers have resigned from the Seattle Police Department this year in what is being described as a “mass exodus” over the city’s increasingly liberal and progressive policies. . .

Despite the population of the popular northwestern city skyrocketing, the city’s police force remains at levels seen during the 1970s. Rich O’Neill, vice president of the Seattle Police Guild, told KCPQ-TV the reason behind a large portion of the departures is concerning.

While many of those who have left this year retired, 20 or so left Seattle to work for other cities, states and law enforcement agencies. The reason for the “mass exodus?” O’Neill said officers are frustrated with the city’s liberal policies and a lack of support from local officials.

“It’s just depressing to serve in a place where many City Council members who are coming out at times with negative comments about the police,” O’Neill said, explaining many officers are leaving Seattle for neighboring jurisdictions. . .

Meanwhile, the police guild said Seattle officers have not seen a pay raise in more than three years. However, O’Neill reiterated the exodus has nothing to do with benefits and everything to do with politics. (Read more from “Police Are Fleeing This U.S. City in ‘Mass Exodus’ Over Liberal, Anti-Police Politics” HERE)

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