Did This Senator Just Accidentally Reveal Who Trump Will Nominate to the Supreme Court?

Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah), the longest serving member currently in the Senate, wrote an op-ed for Deseret News on Friday explaining what Americans should expect after President Donald Trump formally announces his nominee for the Supreme Court. . .

Hatch, who has sat through the confirmation hearings for all nine current Supreme Court justices, predicted Democrats will initiate “confirmation wars” in the coming months because Trump is unlikely to nominate an activist judge who will protect the progressive agenda.

[The clue is the pronoun used in his writing.]

“Given their vision of a politicized judiciary, we should not be surprised when Democrats cry bloody murder at the announcement of the president’s Supreme Court nominee. The coming meltdown on the left is sure to be as sensational as it is predictable,” Hatch wrote. . .

“Just as he did with Neil Gorsuch, the president has promised to nominate an impartial judge, a wise and seasoned jurist committed to upholding the Constitution at all costs. But no matter the nominee’s background or credentials, progressives will do everything they can to paint her as a closet partisan, if not an outright extremist,” Hatch wrote.

He then added: “And I will devote all my energies to ensuring that we confirm the kind of Supreme Court justice America needs: a justice who says what the law is, not what she wants it to be; a justice who calls balls and strikes instead of swinging for the fences; a justice whose foremost allegiance is to the American people and to the Constitution.” (Read more from “Did This Senator Just Accidentally Reveal Who Trump Will Nominate to the Supreme Court?” HERE)

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