Cop Who Revealed Pedophile Ring at Highest Levels of Government Found Dead

South Africa has been gripped by the mysterious death of former police officer Mark Minnie, just a week after he revealed horrific details about an alleged paedophile ring in the once-feared white-minority government that portrayed itself as being made up of devout Christian men.

Minnie, 58, was found with a bullet to his head, but many people are refusing to believe the police version – that he took his own life at the farm of a friend near the coastal city of Port Elizabeth.

“The fact that the suicide note was found doesn’t necessarily mean he wrote it willingly. I mean he could’ve written it under duress. The fact that he shot himself with someone else’s pistol already raises questions,” investigative journalist and author Jacques Pauw told South Africa’s radio 702.

Minnie and journalist Chris Steyn co-authored The Lost Boys of Bird Island, which details shocking allegations against Magnus Malan, the once-powerful defence minister who was accused of setting up death squads and sanctioning military raids on neighbouring states as he fought to maintain white-supremacist rule in South Africa in the 1980s and 1990s. . .

Allen never stood trial – he was found dead, at the age of 37, with a bullet wound to his head, just like the 60-year-old Wiley. (Read more from “Cop Who Revealed Pedophile Ring Found Dead” HERE)


Reporter: Mark Minnie Interview 3 Days Before Death Shows He Was NOT Suicidal but Feared Assassination

By Maygene de Wee. Minnie was totally paranoid and didn’t want people to know that he had already returned to South Africa from China months ago. I had to give him my word that I wouldn’t tell anyone.

Finally, after he had checked out my background, he agreed to meet me. . .

Upon our return to Port Elizabeth he mentioned that he feared for his life, even if only a handful of people knew that he was back in South Africa. . . .

On Tuesday morning I receive the shocking news that Minnie was dead; that he had presumably shot himself.

Immediately I think about the circumstances in which John Wiley, former minister of environmental affairs, and businessman David Allen died. Both are believed to have committed suicide. Both had been shot. In the book there are so many questions about Allen and Wiley’s death; questions which still remain unanswered. (Read more from this story about the death of the copy who revealed pedophile ring HERE)


Book Publisher Spoke with Minnie Right Before He Was “Suicided,” Says He Was “Enthusiastic”

By Citizen Reporter. A spokesperson for Tafelberg publishers says The Lost Boys of Bird Island co-author Mark Minnie’s death was “sudden and unexpected”, and there was no indication that he would take his own life. . .

According to the publishers, they were in contact with Minnie on Sunday night, after which attempts at emailing and phoning him were unsuccessful. They added that Minnie was “enthusiastic” when they last spoke to him and mentioned new leads that led to fresh evidence regarding an alleged apartheid paedophile ring.

While it was initially reported that no foul play was suspected in the death of The Lost Boys of Bird Island co-author Mark Minnie, News24 has reported that Minnie and co-author Chris Steyn had received threats after the book’s publication and had been “living in fear”. . .

The two authors reportedly refused to have a traditional book launch and feared for their safety to the point of not wanting to appear in public. Minnie reportedly met a source on Friday, and was meant to meet another one on Monday. . .

Minnie and Steyn had allegedly been investigating several leads subsequent to the book’s publication, but were afraid to publish what they had discovered. (Read more from “Cop Who Revealed Pedophile Ring Found Dead” HERE)

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