Ex-Cheerleaders Blast NFL Hypocrisy, Claim Religious and Gender Discrimination

A former Miami Dolphins cheerleader says she was physically and verbally abused by her coach once it became known that she was a virgin and chose to wait for marriage as part of her Christian faith.

Kristan Ann Ware said she was also told she couldn’t post about God to social media, even as the team’s football players were kneeling to pray during games.

Ms. Ware quit the team last year and has filed an arbitration claim against the Dolphins and the National Football League, claiming religious and gender discrimination.

While the #MeToo movement sweeps the country and NFL players use their platform to draw attention to racism, cheerleaders say there is still plenty of room for improvement within the NFL, where a boys’ club atmosphere pervades the billion-dollar industry. . .

Cheerleaders for the Washington Redskins complained in April that the team’s management allowed VIP guests to watch the women in behind-the-scenes moments as they posed topless for a calendar during a 2013 photo shoot in Costa Rica. Some of the cheerleaders told The New York Times that they were also pushed to attend a nightclub with the VIPs, all men. (Read more from “Ex-Cheerleaders Blast NFL Hypocrisy, Claim Religious and Gender Discrimination” HERE)

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