Feminists Lose Their Minds After Top ‘Fortnite’ Gamer Says He Won’t Stream With Women

Feminists critics of the video game industry — and gaming, in general — have lost their minds over the news that one of the world’s top gamers, Tyler “Ninja” Blevins, won’t stream alongside women out of fear that any seemingly flirtatious exchange, or perceived sexist insult, could land him in hot water and ruin his lucrative career.

Ninja, as he is known, plays Fortnite, an online ‘battle royale” game that pits players from all over the world against each other in a massive fight to the death, and Ninja earns well into the seven figures playing Fortnite — mostly from selling ads on his Twitch streaming channel, making endorsements and personal appearances, and playing in tournaments.

But the gaming world is fraught with social justice warriors (mostly women who identify as “feminists”) looking to skewer male gamers, whom they consider sexist, misogynistic, and unfairly aggressive, Ninja included. . .

The problem is, of course, that feminists don’t like to be criticized, even by implication — and they certainly believe that Ninja is criticizing them by implication. In response, they unleashed a volley of insults, calling Ninja a sexist, and claiming that “there’s something poetic about Ninja thinking ‘wow women in gaming have to deal with a deeply toxic culture of men attacking them and speculating about their lives. I wouldn’t want that in my life sooo I won’t work with women phew problem solved’ then tweeting that without irony.”

Feminist “nerd culture” rag, the Mary Sue even went so far as to call Ninja, “Mike Pence,” comparing him to the Vice President who will not dine alone with any female, suggesting that Ninja owes female gamers access to his audience, and implying that he’s oppressing any woman who doesn’t get to game with him by “effectively denying all female streamers, no matter how talented, access to his 10,000,000 followers.” (Read more from “Feminists Lose Their Minds After Top ‘Fortnite’ Gamer Says He Won’t Stream With Women” HERE)

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