Hospital Harvests Daughter’s Organs Against Father’s Will

A California man is suing both a hospital and organ donation network, claiming they harvested his daughter’s organs against his will.

Brittany O’Connor died last November. The Fresno, California mother of two had been rushed to the hospital after attempting to kill herself by strangulation. She was placed on life support, and not expected to survive.

Terence “Mike” O’Connor Jr., Brittany’s father, has filed the Fresno Superior Court civil lawsuit against Community Regional Medical Center (CRMC) and Donor Network West.

According to O’Connor’s attorneys Thornton Davidson and H. Ty Kharazi, this is not the first time the two groups have engaged in what they claim is “a pervasive and unlawful scheme to harvest organs from terminal patients.” They are pursuing class-action status for their lawsuit.

Vice president of communications and public affairs for Community Regional Medical Centers (which oversees the hospital where Brittany O’Connor died), Michelle Von Tersch, offered the following in response: “While we won’t comment on the particulars of pending court proceedings, we do follow applicable laws for all organ donations, which saves so many lives each day. We extend our heartfelt condolences to Brittany’s family members for their tragic loss. We know it is a terrible time for them.” (Read more from “Hospital Harvests Daughter’s Organs Against Father’s Will” HERE)

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