Former FBI Lawyer Lisa Page Thought Rosenstein Was Serious About Wiretapping Trump

While we’re on the eve of battle with Democrats over Brett Kavanaugh, let’s not forget the Rod Rosenstein watch, which could be just a head fake. Removing Rosenstein would create another political headache, though liberals are worried that the president will fire the deputy attorney general this Thursday, the day of the scheduled hearing of allegations of sexual misconduct against Judge Kavanaugh who has been nominated for the U.S. Supreme Court. The allegations are unsubstantiated, unprovable, and lack in evidence. They’re also over 30-plus years old. That in itself doesn’t make it less serious, but when there are no corroborative witnesses because they all refute your story—the credibility is called into question. And both allegations have more holes than Swiss cheese.

Yet, back to Rosenstein, the deputy AG has been embattled for months, and he’s ready to be fired. That was reported eons ago—and yet, he remains. Rosenstein is overseeing Special Counsel Robert Mueller, who is now quarterbacking the FBI’s initial counterintelligence probe into possible collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign. Firing him would send shockwaves, or at least in the minds of the elite news media that obsessed over this story all day yesterday; Kavanaugh was barely mentioned until the evening hours.

Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein has come back into the spotlight over a New York Times article that reported he suggested secretly record the interactions within the Trump White House in order to build support among his cabinet to invoke the 25th Amendment and remove him from office. Rosenstein strongly denied the story, and said he has never witnessed anything from President Trump that would suggest the 25th Amendment would be necessary to even consider. Later, NBC News reported that Rosenstein said this in jest, but Lisa Page, the mistress to disgraced FBI Agent Peter Strzok, who was fired over his anti-Trump texts, reportedly wasn’t so sure if the deputy AG was joking (via Daily Beast):

A debate with major implications has broken out over whether Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein was being sarcastic when, in the spring of 2017, he reportedly talked about covertly recording President Donald Trump.

A former career Justice Department official who was in the room when the topic arose told The Daily Beast he believes the deputy attorney general was being sarcastic. But another person in the room at the time has indicated she took it seriously.

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