Pro-Lifer Accuses Shout Your Abortion of Stealing Her Photo for Piece Bragging About Abortions

The pro-abortion “Shout Your Abortion” campaign is under fire for using a photo of a pro-life woman without her consent for a piece in which a different young woman takes pride in having had three abortions by age 23.

As covered last week by LifeSiteNews, the original essay was titled “I am 23 and I have had 3 abortions. YES I HAVE!” and appeared under the name “Heather.” The author details having two abortions after casual sexual encounters in which she used no birth control whatsoever, and a third after her birth control pill failed and she ultimately decided to abort because pregnancy would interfere with a summer job at a national park. . .

24-year-old Molly Schaap subsequently reached out to LifeSiteNews and other pro-life outlets to declare that she was actually the woman in the header image … but she was pro-life, had never had an abortion, and did not give Shout Your Abortion permission to use her photo.

“I was horrified to wake up yesterday and learn that a photo of me was stolen and used without my permission or knowledge,” Shaap wrote, noting that “Heather” says “she is proud of who she is and her actions, yet she used a picture of a random stranger instead of herself.”

“All of my life, I have been pro-life and believe that life begins at conception,” Schaap declared. “I have personally donated to pro-life causes and believe that every life is valuable. As a Christian, I believe that God is the author of life, and life is not ours to take away.” (Read more from “Pro-Lifer Accuses Shout Your Abortion of Stealing Her Photo for Piece Bragging About Abortions” HERE)

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