Armed Dad Kills Gunman Who Opened Fire at Mcdonald’s

Birmingham Police are investigating a shooting at a McDonald’s on Lomb Avenue that left a man dead and two people injured Saturday night after a masked man open fire and a father inside the store shot back.

West Precinct Officers responded to the restaurant around 10:45 p.m. on a call that multiple people had been shot. A masked man entered the restaurant when an employee was letting a father and his sons out the door.

The masked man then began to open fire into the restaurant and father shot back at the masked man, BPD Sgt. Bryan Shelton said.

As a result of the gunfire, the father, son and masked man were struck. The father and son have do not have life threatening injuries.

Birmingham police confirmed that the masked man died from his injuries. (Read more from “Armed Dad Kills Gunman Who Opened Fire at Mcdonald’s” HERE)

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