Blue-Check Brigade Descends on News of Suspicious Packages to Blame Trump

Within hours of the initial reports that suspicious packages containing apparent explosives had been sent to prominent Democrats and legacy media outlets on Wednesday, the blue-check brigade was hard at work on social media blaming Trump, his rhetoric, his supporters, his party, or any combination thereof.

Here are just a few examples.

Naturally, all these tweets were sent out as the story was still shaping up and well before a suspect or suspected motive were even named by law enforcement or anti-terrorism officials. But why should facts get in the way of a convenient narrative, especially when it’s so close to an important election?

It really does make one wonder: Since so many on the left side of the political spectrum were so quick to blame President Trump or his rhetoric for these attempted attacks before a suspect’s name or background had been released, does that mean they’re finally ready to hold the Left’s overblown rhetoric responsible for the 2017 congressional baseball shooting?

Given the amount of evidence to support each hypothesis at the time I’m writing this, to hold rhetoric accountable for the former but not the latter would present a glaring, hypocritical double standard after all.

Here’s something that shouldn’t have to be said but sadly does: Regardless of what your politics are, if they drive you to threats or acts of violence or terrorism, then you need to stay the hell away from politics until you find and complete a treatment program that gives you the professional help that you so desperately need. (For more from the author of “Blue-Check Brigade Descends on News of Suspicious Packages to Blame Trump” please click HERE)

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