Father Claims 13-Year-Old Son Arrested for Sexual Assault Was Falsely Accused out of Revenge for Using ‘Black’ Bitmoji

The father of a 13-year-old Colorado Springs middle-schooler who was recently arrested for allegedly sexually assaulting female classmates says his son was falsely accused out of revenge after the boy was termed a “racist” for using a black cartoon character Bitmoji on messaging app Snapchat.

Keith Bailey was accused of unwanted sexual touching and harassment from numerous female classmates, one of whom is seeking a restraining order against him. The filed restraining order complaint from a 13-year-old classmate alleges Keith “was aggressively grabbing my boobs and butt” at a park this summer and was “aggressively petting” her in a church van after she asked him to stop, says a report from the Colorado-Springs Gazette.

The accused eighth grader’s father, Dennis Bailey Jr., says his son was the victim of revenge-like falsified accusations after “‘he made a girl mad on Snapchat’ by using a black cartoon character as his Bitmoji, a picture that represents a character,” reports the Gazette. . .

“My 13-year-old son was arrested at school,” wrote Bailey on a crowdfunding page he set up for his son. “The whole thing started with him changing his avatar on snapchat to a black person. That triggered accusations of being racist and he started getting threats at school. Still, he refused to be bullied into changing it.”

“The first girl to get triggered and some of her friends all accused him of sexual assault at school,” he said. “I honestly believe that it’s completely fabricated but in the era of #metoo they led him away in handcuffs. After hours of intimidation from a school administrator, which no one even called us or let us know what was going on, they couldn’t coerce a confession out of him so they suspended him from school anyway, and called the cops and had him arrested.” (Read more from “Father Claims 13-Year-Old Son Arrested for Sexual Assault Was Falsely Accused out of Revenge for Using ‘Black’ Bitmoji” HERE)

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