Horror: Hospital Preps Assisted Suicide for Children, Might Not Inform Parents

The oft-mocked “slippery slope” arguments from conservatives with regard to euthanasia are terrifyingly coming to fruition in Canada.

Last month, a group of medics from Toronto’s Hospital for Sick Children outlined their plans for administering “medically assisted suicide” for patients under the age of 18 in the “near future.” The paper, published in the British Medical Journal, asserts their commitment to “patient confidentially” with such hypothetical children, stating that there will likely be cases where a “capable” child patient could undergo the “assisted suicide” without parents being informed first.

“This article explores the ethical challenges of providing Medical Assistance in Dying (MAID) in a paediatric setting,” reads the paper’s abstract. “More specifically, we focus on the theoretical questions that came to light when we were asked to develop a policy for responding to MAID requests at our tertiary paediatric institution.”

“While MAID is currently available to capable patients in Canada who are 18 years or older—a small but important subsection of the population our hospital serves—we write our policy with an eye to the near future when capable young people may gain access to MAID,” the paper affirms, adding, “By providing a record of our in-progress thinking, we hope to stimulate wider discussion about the issues and questions encountered in this work.”

And parents might not be notified about their child’s “decision” to have doctors kill them. (Read more from “Horror: Hospital Preps Assisted Suicide for Children, Might Not Inform Parents” HERE)

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