Pastors Will Ask for God’s Blessing on Planned Parenthood Abortion Clinic

It’s one of the most sacrilegious acts a religious leader could perform, but it’s happening again — this time in Columbus, Ohio. There, on the evening of November 9, the so-called Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice is planning a “blessing” of the Planned Parenthood abortion center.

This appears to be a response to the closing ceremony of the 40 Days for Life campaign. The event is called Holy Ground: Blessing the Sacred Space of Decision, and an event description reads:

During this clinic blessing, participants will gather with local faith leaders and guests to ask for God’s blessing upon Planned Parenthood of Greater Ohio’s East Columbus Surgical facility, the abortion providers and staff, and all those who pass through the center.

In celebration of conscience and moral decision making, this event will include interfaith blessings, prayers, and testimonies about receiving and providing abortion care. This clinic blessing will create space for progressive voices of faith to speak boldly in support of comprehensive reproductive health care, especially abortion.

Mark Harrington, President of the pro-life group Created Equal informed LifeNews of the event. He said Planned Parenthood abortion practitioners kill babies at the abortion clinic in dismemberment abortions whey they are nearly 5 months old. (Read more from “Pastors Will Ask for God’s Blessing on Planned Parenthood Abortion Clinic” HERE)

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