Trump Issues Stern Warning for Anyone Engaging in Voter Fraud

By The Daily Caller. President Trump on Saturday tweeted a warning to people engaged in voter fraud, stating that those found guilty would be subject to “both civil and criminal” penalties. . .

President Trump’s belief that thousands if not millions engaged in voter fraud during the 2016 election led to the founding of a commission to investigate the issue, but it was dissolved in January amidst difficulties obtaining cooperation from several states, each of which has different rules government elections. . .

“Democrats will not push for photo ID requirements to vote because they benefit most from voter fraud,” said Matt C. Pinsker, adjunct professor of criminal justice at Virginia Commonwealth University. “Despite Democrat claims that it is practically non-existent, the reality is that in every election there have been numerous irregularities reported, the overwhelming majority of which favor Democrats. Despite there being numerous incidents every election cycle, Democrats are correct that prosecutions for voter fraud are rare. In large part, this only is because Democrats have purposefully setup a system which deliberately turns a blind eye and prevents any form of detection or screening.” (Read more from “Trump Issues Stern Warning for Anyone Engaging in Voter Fraud” HERE)


Four Women Arrested for Voter Fraud

By NBC. Four Fort Worth women who were indicted on voter fraud charges last week were simply trying to help people vote and the case against them is political, a defense attorney said Thursday.

“They were canvassing,” said attorney Greg Westfall. “They were getting out the vote and helping people with their mail-in ballots.”

Westfall is the only attorney listed in court records for any of the women. He represents Leticia Sanchez Tepichin whose mother Leticia Sanchez also is charged in the case.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton announced last week the “organized voter fraud ring” faces 30 felony counts. . .

Prosecutors said the women were paid to target elderly voters in North Fort Worth to generate a large number of mail-in ballots in support of specific candidates in 2016. They did not identify which candidates or the source of the money. (Read more from “Four Women Arrested for Voter Fraud” HERE)

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