Australian Politician Declares Himself a Woman. the Reason Will Make Pro-Lifers Will Cheer

Australian politician Barry O’Sullivan declared in Parliament Monday that [he] identifies as a woman so that leftist politicians will no longer be able to attack [him] for [his] pro-life views.

O’Sullivan’s decision to switch genders was prompted after a left-wing colleague denounced her during debate over a motion calling for pro-abortion activists to be banned from disrupting the annual “Day of the Unborn Child” observance on March 25, Alice Workman reports for BuzzFeed News.

“Senator O’Sullivan needs to get his hands and his rosaries off my ovaries and those of the 10,000 Queensland women who have an abortion each year, 10,000 women who have the right to make a decision about their own bodies without the opinion of [S]enator O’Sullivan getting in their way,” said Sen. Larissa Waters of the Australian Greens political party during debate on the motion.

O’Sullivan said that conservative politicians can’t use the word “abortion” without being “attacked” by the Left.

We can’t open our traps, you cannot say the word abortion without being attacked by this mob of almost — I’d say grubs if I didn’t think you were gonna make me withdraw it, Mr. Acting Deputy President, but it’s out there now,” O’Sullivan said.

“These people come and attack me for my religious basis the other day, using words like rosary beads, because I had the audacity to raise issues around late-term abortions, where babies that are only minutes away from getting a smack on the arse and a name are being aborted under the policies of the Australian Greens.”

“I will not stand silent; I will not stand mute while these people try to continue to marginalize policies and ideas that we want to discuss for this nation that I think are largely supported still by the majority of the nation,” she continued.

“I’m going to declare my gender today, as I can, to be a woman. And then you’ll no longer be able to attack me.”

O’Sullivan has, of course, suffered intolerant and bigoted attacks for transitioning. Australian novelist Jane Caro is among those denying that O’Sullivan is a real woman.

But that’s not how this works on the Left, right? Trans women ARE women, and that’s not up for debate. O’Sullivan doesn’t dress like a woman, but insisting that she must dress a certain way to embrace womanhood is reinforcing negative gender stereotypes. Also, a woman can have a penis. So why does O’Sullivan’s lack of a “functioning uterus” make her any less qualified to talk about “women’s issues” like abortion? It doesn’t, under the gobbledygook nonsense “logic” of gender identity politics.

Any leftist attacking O’Sullivan’s transition is an intolerant bigot who ought to be marginalized and condemned. Those are the rules of the game, we’re told. (For more from the author of “Australian Politician Declares Himself a Woman. the Reason Will Make Pro-Lifers Will Cheer” please click HERE)

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