Comedian Tweets About Christianity and Leftists Can’t Handle It

Norm Macdonald is probably best known as a comedian, but apparently, he’s also a deep-thinking philosopher, intent on explaining the decline and fall of Western civilization to the masses. Only Norm Macdonald does it using Twitter.

Thursday morning, he had a message about the Enlightenment that was at once shocking (because it came from Norm Macdonald) and thought-provoking.

Macdonald is obviously alluding to the switch, in art, from the sacred to the imitation and depiction of the Sacred to the human-focused philosophies of the post-Modern world. In the parlance of a Macdonald-era Saturday Night Live sketch, those are some deep thoughts.

But, as most deep thoughts go, Norm’s effort at eulogizing Christianity confused and befuddled social media. And leftists, ever-vigilant of the possibility that someone in the entertainment may be turning from “group think,” were left incensed. But also confused.

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