Did Alaska GOP Gubernatorial Candidate Mike Dunleavy Promise to Keep Joe Miller Out of State Government in Exchange for Establishment Support?

This past week, “Must Read Alaska,” an Establishment-controlled website, suggested that the Alaska GOP nominee for governor had received mainline Republican support -specifically, Lisa Murkowski’s – in exchange for certain promises. Such promises supposedly included commitments “that Joe Miller won’t be allowed in state government” and that Mike Dunleavy would make “no attack on Planned Parenthood or other women’s reproductive health providers.”

Restoring Liberty, of course, immediately reached out to the Dunleavy campaign for comment. Mike Dunleavy’s response was unequivocal: “There have been absolutely no deals. No discussion of deals. No insinuation of deals. She does what she wants to do and so do I.”

So why the rumor? It’s probably just another sorry effort to help Mark Begich into power by peeling off “Joe Miller” voters concerned that Dunleavy has cut a deal with the devil.

It’s a sure-to-fail tactic. Senator Dunleavy’s past financial support for Joe Miller’s U.S. Senate campaign against Murkowski as well as his repeated statements of support for positions espoused by Miller – especially regarding preservation of the PFD and Life – reflect his commitment to the People.

Could it all be a charade? Sure, only the Lord knows the heart. But every indicator is that Mike is one of us. Make sure your vote counts this Tuesday.