Gamer Banned From Youtube for Showing You Can Kill Someone in Game About Killing

The YouTuber who posted a video of a character punching a suffragette in Rockstar Games’ “Red Dead Redemption 2” (RDR2) was briefly banned from the platform. . .

At one point during his playthrough, he went to the tailor’s shop in the game city of Saint Denis, which is based on New Orleans. Outside the shop is a non-playable character (NPC) who constantly shouts “Let me vote!” and insults men. Every game has at least one annoying NPC, and this is just one of many in the game.

While in the tailor shop, the suffragette’s dialogue can still be heard clearly. It clashes with the dialogue of the shopkeeper (if you have subtitles on, as I do, the two dialogues stack on top of each other in a distracting way), and forces you to listen to “Let me vote” over and over and over again while you shop for clothes.

Shirrako had enough. When he left the shop, he directed RDR2’s anti-hero, Arthur Morgan, to punch the suffragette in the face, knocking her unconscious. Viewers of his livestream enjoyed this moment, so Shirrako posted a clip of it separately on his YouTube channel. Shirrako went on later to post two more videos of his character attacking this particular NPC, including one where he kidnaps her and takes her to the swamp to be fed to an alligator.

These videos angered a Motherboard writer, who complained that the videos promoted violence against women. As I reported on Tuesday, Shirrako has many other clips from the game where he attacks innocent NPCs, including children and the mayor of a town, but because he attacked a feminist, he must be punished. (Read more from “Gamer Banned From Youtube for Showing You Can Kill Someone in Game About Killing” HERE)

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