Here Are the Democrats Embroiled in Abuse Allegations That Won Elections

At least four Democrats facing sexual misconduct controversies in the #MeToo era were voted into office on Tuesday, a result that would appear to clash with the party’s claims to stand behind women and have zero tolerance toward such allegations.

House Reps. Keith Ellison, Tony Cárdenas and Bobby Scott, and Sen. Bob Menendez, all came out victorious on Tuesday, despite being accused of misconduct.

Their election raises questions whether the Democratic Party, which went all-out to stop now-Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh in the face of assault claims and stressed the importance of believing women’s allegations, is selectively tapping into the #MeToo movement. . .

Karen Monahan, the Democrat’s [Ellison] former girlfriend, alleged that he once dragged her off a bed while shouting profanities and sent multiple abusive text messages. She also published a 2017 medical document that identified Ellison as the abuser who caused “emotional and physical abuse.”

Ellison denied the allegations and an investigation commission by the state Democratic Party cleared him of misconduct allegations. Ken Martin, the chairman of the Minnesota Democratic–Farmer–Labor Party (DFL), dismissed the allegations brought by Monahan, saying “I don’t believe her.” (Read more from “Here Are the Democrats Embroiled in Abuse Allegations That Won Elections” HERE)

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