INCREDIBLE PHOTOS: Major 7.0 Magnitude Earthquake Strikes Anchorage, Alaska, Felt Statewide; Massive Damage

(Image credit: Facebook) According to the United States Geological Service, Anchorage was struck by a major 7.0 magnitude earthquake. The epicenter was just a little less than 8 miles to the north of Anchorage and was relatively shallow, less than 20 miles down.

A tsunami warning also issued for the Kenai and other areas on the coast, but was subsequently canceled.


On Facebook, longtime Alaskans are reporting that this was the worst-felt earthquake since the gargantuan 9.2 magnitude, 1964 earthquake that struck the 49th state.


Some say it was almost as bad as ’64: “Folks this shaker was like the one in 64. Just not as long. Stay safe.”

(Facebook, Anchorage)

One lifetime Alaskan from Anchorage reported, “Prayers would be much appreciated. We just experienced the worst earthquake of my life and our house is trashed. We have 4 little very scared kids, too …”

(Facebook, Wasilla)

One Alaskan from Wasilla said, “Checking in after the biggest earthquake I’ve ever felt. All of my children are also safe. Power is out, broken stuff every where at home, I’m sure it’s the same at the shop and at the market we’re setting up for the weekend. I’ve heard most people have property damage and there’s a tsunami warning as well as aftershocks.”

(Facebook, Anchorage)

The quake was so intense, many Alaskans feared for their lives: “It’s been about 20 minutes since we experienced the biggest earthquake in my memory and I’m still sitting under my desk with three terrified boys. Not gonna lie – I wasn’t sure we’d all make it. But we did and now waiting to see what the tsunami warning turns into. Hope you all are ok!”

(Joe Miller’s nephew at his school in Anchorage)

Damage reports are also pouring in: “7.2 magnitude earthquake in AK. Broken pipes, bridges, no power… Praying for everyone there!!!!”

(broken water main, Anchorage)

Another Alaskan exclaimed, “Holy Moly … that was the biggest quake we’ve ever experienced…. the house is a mess with all the things that fell. Everyone safe out there?”

(Facebook, Carrs grocery, Anchorage)

Major aftershocks are continuing to rock the area, with a 5.8 hitting two miles from Anchorage, and a series of 4+ magnitude quakes hitting north of Alaska’s biggest city.

(Editor’s note: The United States Geological Service initially pegged the earthquake at 6.7, and an Australian station marked it at 7.2. USGS has since confirmed that it was a 7.0 magnitude earthquake.)

(Facebook, Eagle River)