Obama Campaigned for Four Democrats in Close 2018 Races. They All Lost.

. . .(1) Florida Senate – Obama went all-in for Bill Nelson over the home stretch, enthusiastically endorsing the longtime incumbent and urging Floridians to reject Rick Scott. Here he is at a Miami rally warning voters that if they are victorious, Republicans would seek to steal people’s healthcare:

(2) Florida Governor – Along with his efforts to re-elect Sen. Nelson, Obama pushed hard for the up-and-coming, left-wing Mayor of Tallahassee, Andrew Gillum, the Democrats’ gubernatorial nominee. Gillum faced ethical headwinds in the final weeks of the campaign, to which he responded by playing the race card. Obama went all-in for Gillum, who led in 16 of the final 17 polls of the state, amassing an apparent edge of close to four percentage points. He lost to Republican Ron DeSantis.

(3) Indiana Senate – Publicly-available surveys showed incumbent Sen. Joe Donnelly — one of the red state Democrats who voted against Justice Kavanaugh — in a tough dogfight. Leading up to election day, polls showed a close contest, so when the Donnelly campaign announced that Obama was going to come to the Hoosier State for a rally, many observers concluded that the Senator’s campaign’s data indicated a need to boost support and turnout within certain elements of the electorate. Here’s Obama telling Indianans that the 2018 election was the most important of their lifetimes, and that they needed to send Donnelly back to Washington for six more years:

(4) Georgia Governor – This race is finally over, even though defeated Democrat Stacey Abrams pointedly declined to concede, amid a swirl of conspiratorial delegitimization from prominent Democrats. Obama and Oprah Winfrey were among Abrams’ prominent backers — but as was the case with their support for Chicago’s olympic bid, they fell short. Incidentally, because the “Kemp voter suppression” line has taken deep root on the Left, some facts are worth reiterating. Read this piece and this column, then consider these points:

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