Planet of the Apes? African Island Houses ‘Monster’ Chimps Released from Lab

While there may not be a “Planet of the Apes” any time soon, there indeed exists an island of the apes, or, to be more precise, an island of “monster” apes that were released from a U.S. testing laboratory.

According to The Sun, the “monster” chimps were all infected with contagious diseases before being “abandoned on the Liberian river island after being released by their captors.”

“The jungle wilderness – known to locals as ‘Monkey Island’ – is now home to more than 60 chimps who are notoriously protective of its shores,” reports the outlet. “Many of the animals are said to be ‘super aggressive’ and those living nearby are terrified to go there for fear of being attacked.”

The apes are occasionally visited by a few brave locals who bring the 60 chimps food, though they rarely exit the boat and even then they are not entirely free of ape violence. In fact, tourists who pay local fisherman to drive them past the island — on the Farmington River — are typically “pelted with mangoes by the territorial chimps.” The apes have earned an almost mythical reputation among the locals, who say the chimps will eat and attack those who set foot on their land. . .

The apes began to starve in 2014 after the Ebola epidemic, which prevented caretakers from visiting the island. The Humane Society then stepped in to take care of the chimps in 2015. By 2017, the NYBC pledged “£5million to pay for their future food and medical needs.” (Read more from “Planet of the Apes? African Island Houses ‘Monster’ Chimps Released from Lab” HERE)

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