The Female Gender Symbol Is Now Offensive

A Massachusetts all-women’s college found out the hard way that any attempt to include anything relating to gender or sex will be met with scorn in today’s society. . .

This angered students and alumni who don’t identify as women, and the school was forced to apologize and withdraw the logo design:

This past Thursday, we had the occasion to solicit feedback on the design firm’s identity work from a group of students. We listened to feedback regarding the use of the Venus symbol as an option for the brand identity and logo, as proposed by the consultants. It is now evident to us that this symbol has a long history of exclusion connected to movements that, while trailblazing for some groups, represents the erasure of others.

We have thus determined that the College cannot move forward with a word mark that references this symbol as we rethink how we will distinguish Mount Holyoke College. While it is always disappointing to realize that our creative work has not achieved its goals, it is deeply upsetting to realize that the work is seen as offensive and damaging.

. . .

A year later, trans activists succeeded in shutting down a performance of the “Vagina Monologues” because it was not trans-inclusive. Eve Ensler, the creator of the Monologues, penned a response saying she was “surprised” by MHC’s response to her work, and insisted it was not exclusive and noted that an all-trans rendition was performed in 2004. (Read more from “The Female Gender Symbol Is Now Offensive” HERE)

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