Watch: Clerk Has Extreme Meltdown Over MAGA Attire

By The Daily Caller. A video of a Georgia vape store clerk screaming at a customer wearing Trump attire went viral on Friday.

The video, posted by Ian Furgeson via Facebook on Friday, shows Furgeson attempting to make a purchase for his wife at XHale City in Tucker, Georgia, over the protests of the clerk, who was offended by his Trump shirt and MAGA hat. . .

[Warning: video contains explicit language]

Later in the video, the clerk begins to ring the customer up but is set off again when Furgeson said, “God bless America, capitalism wins again.” . . .

After the incident, Furgeson posted another video of a different interaction between himself and a vape store employee with differing political views, but a similar outlook on how people should be treated. (Read more from “Watch: Clerk Has Meltdown Over MAGA Hat” HERE)


Vape Store Clerk Has Meltdown Over Customer in Trump Shirt

By Breitbart. A store clerk at a vape store was fired Friday evening after he was caught on video screaming at a customer wearing a shirt that said “Trump” and a MAGA hat, demanding for him to leave and refusing to sell him anything.

“LEAVE THE STORE! LEAVE THE STORE! LEAVE THE STORE! F-CK OFF! I DON’T GIVE A F-CK, GET OUT!” the employee screamed at the customer, Ian Furgeson, who posted the video on his Facebook page on Friday afternoon.

The clerk can be seen taking a swing at Furgeson in the video and accusing Furgeson of being racist. The clerk makes a phone call, telling someone that Furgeson was wearing “some Trump bullsh-t.” . . .

The store, XHale City in Tucker, Georgia, posted on Facebook late Friday an announcement of the clerk’s firing:

“To our friends and customers,” it read. “Tonight, we had an employee act improperly toward a customer. Xhale City does not tolerate this kind of behavior from its employees. When we identified the employee at fault, we fired him immediately. We’ve also spoken to the customer and apologized. We value our clients and treat them with respect and dignity, regardless of their political views.” (Read more from “Vape Store Clerk Has Meltdown Over Customer in Trump Shirt” HERE)

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