Kansas Senator Not Seeking Reelection

. . .[Sen. Pat] Roberts, 82, has served four terms in the Senate and last won reelection in 2014 after facing a bruising Republican primary. His retirement has already sparked interest in his seat from a number of other Kansas Republicans, heralding a potentially crowded 2020 primary — though Democrats hope they can make the race competitive after winning the governorship in 2018. . .

Roberts, the chairman of the Senate Agriculture Committee, touted his work championing the issue for his state, including the farm bill that was signed into law late last year, which was the eighth he’d worked on. Roberts also touted his 24-0 record winning elections, saying he was “damned proud of that undefeated record.”

In an interview with POLITICO following his announcement, Roberts said he would not follow in the footsteps of Jeff Flake of Arizona and Bob Corker of Tennessee, two former senators who did not run for reelection last year and were publicly critical of President Donald Trump.

“I don’t think you get anywhere criticizing the president,” Roberts said in the telephone interview. “I’m not the conscience of the president. It appears some of the Senate, apparently that was their role. But I had things to do that fell within my committee jurisdiction as chairman.” (Read more from “Kansas Senator Not Seeking Reelection” HERE)

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