WATCH: Kellyanne Conway Just Put Jim Acosta in His Place…and It’s Awesome

CNN’s Jim Acosta has become a household name, especially over the last few months when he made a mockery out of the press and eventually had his hard press pass suspended. The White House eventually reinstated his press pass but there’s still some animosity between Acosta and the Trump administration, which came to a head on Tuesday during a press briefing with Kellyanne Conway.

Acosta decided to ask a rather stupid question: “Kellyanne, can you promise that the president will tell the truth tonight?”

“Yes, Jim. Can you promise that you will?” she asked. . .

“Make sure that goes viral. By the way, this is why I’m one of the only people around here who even gives you the time of day. And let me get back in your face, since you’re such a smartass most of the time,” she explained. “And I know you want this to go viral but a lot of these people [White House press corps] don’t like you.” . . .

“Don’t you put it back in my face for all corrections your network needs to issue,” she said. “I was on your network 25 or 26 times in 2018. I’m one of the last people here who even bothered to go on, and the disrespect you show to me personally, I’ll look past it.” (Read more from “WATCH: Kellyanne Conway Just Put Jim Acosta in His Place…and It’s Awesome” HERE)

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