The Pagan Religious Power of ‘My Truth’

The dumbassery is coming quicker now, the devolution accelerating. Last week was a banner week for the minions of hell. How do I loathe thee? Let me count the ways:

A Virginia state delegate, Kathy Tran, introducing legislation for baby-killing up to and including during labor.

The Virginia governor, Ralph Northam, who is also a doctor, following that up by inferring that post-birth infanticide is now on the table as morally justifiable.

The Oregon governor pushing legislation in her state for compulsory government home visits upon a new baby being born.

A Baltimore lesbian being kicked off an LGBT commission because she refused to refer to a male rapist as a “she.”

And yet another cross-dresser screaming at people who wouldn’t kiss their ring and call them the pronoun of their insane choice.

That last example happened at Alamo car rental. If that’s not a metaphor for certain death, I don’t know what is.

What a grotesque level of chaos over the fundamentals of human life. However, none of these were what punched me in the gut quite like this totally depraved juxtaposition in a headline from Life News: “New Jersey Protects Pregnant Cows”

The Romans 1 of it all hits like an avalanche. It is evil showing you not just the darkness unchecked, but the unbridled mockery of the light that is its soundtrack.

Such was the song of two pro-abortion lawmakers inspired by a pregnant cow that escaped from a truck destined for the slaughterhouse. That cow and its calf now live, I kid you not, in an animal sanctuary, and the bill would make it a crime to kill pregnant cows, punishable with a fine of up to $10,000 and up to 18 months in prison.

There’s a golden calf joke in there somewhere.

Not to be outdone, I then found out that Kathy Tran herself – on the very same day she introduced her baby-killing bill – also submitted a bill to protect the lives of gypsy moths and canker-worms.

Lord. Have. Mercy.

So be in no way surprised that Washington Democrat Sen. Patty Murray just blocked Nebraska Republican Sen. Ben Sasse’s bill to reject the possibility of infanticide after failed abortions. The people doing this aren’t just lost. They are repeatedly telling you in more and more preposterous ways how they believe themselves to have found something better than the Gospel.

Not something merely different. Not just another of multiple possible ways of viewing the world. But it’s the moths and the cows versus the babies, and they are all in – Aztec priest standing over the mouth of a volcano style – on the sanctity of the former and the disposability of the later.

That’s the murderous pagan power of “my truth.” It is a religious spirit par excellence. It will never compromise with you. It will never pay you the courtesy of shaking the dust from its feet and simply moving on.

It is the Borg. It must assimilate you or else. Even your free time, when Super Bowl commercials become the Woke Olympics. Nothing is sacred to the sacrilegious, except their shamelessness. (For more from the author of “The Pagan Religious Power of ‘My Truth'” please click HERE)

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