Court Orders Christian to Pay $55,000 to Trans Politician for Calling Him ‘Biological Male’

By Life Site News. A B.C. human rights tribunal has ruled that a Christian activist discriminated against a man who claims to be “female” by distributing flyers that referred to the man, who was running for political office at the time, as a “biological male.”

The court ruled for transgender activist “Morgane” Oger, born Ronan Oger, and against Christian activist Bill Whatcott by declaring it’s discriminatory not to accept transgender people as the gender they claim to be. . .

The tribunal also ordered Whatcott to pay Oger $35,000 in compensation for injury to his “dignity, feelings and self-respect,” and an additional $20,000 to Oger for Whatcott’s alleged improper conduct during and before the hearings, it reported. . .

Oger, who is vice president of the B.C. NDP, launched a discrimination complaint against Whatcott after the Christian activist distributed flyers in Vancouver-False Creek riding in 2017 when Oger was running as MLA for the B.C. NDP. . .

Oger, who narrowly lost to a former Vancouver mayor, alleged the flyer was discriminatory and exposed him to “hatred and contempt” under Section 7 of British Columbia’s Human Rights Code. (Read more from “Court Orders Christian to Pay $55,000 to Trans Politician for Calling Him ‘Biological Male'” HERE)


B.C. Human Rights Tribunal Rules in Favour of Transgender Politician

By Global News. . .On Wednesday, the B.C. Human Rights Tribunal ruled that Whatcott violated Oger’s human rights and engaged in hate speech.

Oger called the ruling historic.

“This win is a win for everybody who is in a community who faces state propaganda in Canada,” Oger said.

“For the first time ever, gender identity or gender expression has been protected in a B.C. court against hate propaganda.”

Oger was the first person who identified as transgender to run for election in B.C.’s legislature. (Read more from “B.C. Human Rights Tribunal Rules in Favour of Transgender Politician” HERE)

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