Trump Urges Fox News to Bring Back Pirro

President Donald Trump seemed to adopt the role of programmer in chief on Sunday, firing off a series of tweets that singled out for solidarity and scorn various anchors at his favorite network, Fox News, and suggested that federal regulators should bear down on “Saturday Night Live” and NBC.

The president’s posts directed at Fox News followed a particularly bruising week for the conservative cable outlet. Last Sunday, audio clips surfaced of misogynistic comments that prime-time host Tucker Carlson made on a Florida shock jock’s radio show from 2006 to 2011, and fellow talking head Jeanine Pirro was roundly rebuked the same weekend for appearing to question the patriotism of a Muslim-American member of Congress.

Fox News did not air Pirro’s weekly program, “Justice,” on Saturday night, and CNN reported Sunday that she has been suspended from the network. The president made clear that he was no fan of the unannounced lineup change. . .

Trump regularly tweets segments of Fox News shows and offers praise and promotion for its on-screen talent. But the president’s screed on Sunday marked perhaps his most forceful demand yet to the network on which the White House often relies for interviews, messaging to Republican voters and generally favorable coverage of the administration’s directives. (Read more from “Trump Urges Fox News to Bring Back Pirro” HERE)

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