8-Year-Old ‘Hero’ Pulls Sister from Moving Car to Avert Kidnapping

By Breitbart. Ohio police have dubbed an eight-year-old boy a “hero” for pulling his big sister from a moving car as it was being stolen.

The children’s grandmother, 69-year-old Nita Coburn, had taken them with her to the Atrium Medical Center on Thursday afternoon. As she exited the vehicle to help a friend enter the hospital, 24-year-old Dalvir Singh allegedly entered the vehicle and attempted to drive away with the children.

That is when, authorities say, the little boy leapt into action. “The little boy opened the door to escape and the little girl started to jump out also but the man grabbed the hoodie of the little girl not allowing her to leave,” police wrote in a Facebook post on Friday. “As she tried to get away, her little brother grabbed hold of her and pulled her away from the kidnapper and they both tumbled out of the vehicle as it was moving.” . . .

At first, their grandmother was unaware that the children had escaped the vehicle. She grabbed onto the door and was dragged by it until it accelerated and she could no longer hold on. Officers stopped it soon after. (Read more from “8-Year-Old ‘Hero’ Pulls Sister From Moving Car to Avert Kidnapping” HERE)


Kidnapping Averted as 8-Year-Old ‘Hero’ Pulls Sister From Moving Car, Police Say

By USA Today. . .But officers in the area stopped Singh near Nelbar Street and he was detained.

Police originally responded to the hospital on a report of an injured woman and a car theft.

Singh is charged with two counts of kidnapping, felonious assault and grand theft.

The Middletown Division of Police said it will formally recognize the boy’s actions at a later date.

“This little guy is a hero. No question,” said Chief Rodney Muterspaw in a statement. “He pulled his sister out of the car with no concern for his own safety. That is incredible at his age.” (Read more from “Kidnapping Averted as 8-Year-Old ‘Hero’ Pulls Sister From Moving Car, Police Say” HERE)

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